Pickens County Students Celebrated for their Achievements- Easley Progress
Pickens County Students Celebrated for their Achievements - Easley Progress
Posted on May 09, 2012

PICKENS COUNTY — Alliance Pickens and the School District of Pickens County are working together to celebrate a group of students that have distinguished themselves in the subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM as they are collectively referred to.

The event, "Pickens County Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, an Evening of Celebration" will be held on Tuesday May, 22 at 6:00pm in the Pickens County Career and Technology Center in Liberty.

Also celebrating the achievements of these students is the business and industry community, which relies on the initiatives like the STEM programs taking place in Pickens County schools to supply their future, highly-skilled and technically trained workforce.

Inspired by the success of the FIRST Robotics team, state champion mechatronics team, international champion jet-toy challenge team and others, Ray Farley, Executive Director of Alliance Pickens is excited about the chance to recognize a group of students with very bright futures.

"Local business and industry is hiring technically talented employees at a faster rate than are being produced," said Farley. "Thankfully, the School District of Pickens County is developing what is quickly evolving into one the state’s finest STEM initiatives, to prepare students for the demands of the modern workforce."

"The initiative exposes young people from elementary school to high school, to applied technical activities. Watching the faces of elementary school children as they figure the best way to fabricate their car to make it go far, or watching the face of a high school student in solving an electric circuitry issue, or program a robot to accurately shoot a ball into a basket, is inspiring," continued Farley.

"We have long heard of the scholar-athlete: the student who also excels in athletics. Well, the School District of Pickens County is developing the scholar-technician, or the student who also excels in technical endeavors," stated Farley. "We are proud of these students, and hope to have a full house in celebration of STEM in Pickens County on May 22. "

The incoming School District of Pickens County Superintendent, Dr. Kelly Pew, shares Farley’s enthusiasm and is quick to point out her desire to continue to strengthen STEM programs in all Pickens County Schools.

"STEM activities are an invaluable part of our educational program in the School District of Pickens County, said Pew. "Our students have many opportunities to participate in hands-on, integrated learning that stress questioning and inquiry. Those experiences prepare our students for success in the workplace and in higher education."

"Our success in robotics and other STEM programs has resulted from the commitment of our students and teachers, parents, businesses, industries and volunteers. We have strong partnerships that continue to develop, keeping our students and programs competitive with others across the nation. We are very proud of everyone who has played a part in the success and are truly appreciative to the support from our community," Pew continued.

Tickets for the event are $25.00 per person and include dinner prepared by the culinary arts students at the Pickens County Career and Technology Center. Table sponsorships are also available for $500.00.

All proceeds of the event will be used to further the School District of Pickens County’s ability to acquire more robots, electronic, mechatronic and machine tool equipment and to send students to technical learning competitions.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase tickets, please contact Melissa Carlson at (864) 898-1500
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