Production, operation and manufacturing practices are becoming increasingly technical.  Employers are accelerating the utilization of technology and automation to achieve operational objectives.  Therefore, an increasing emphasis is placed upon hiring employees who have the knowledge, skills and abilities to work and thrive in these environments.

Scholar Technician® was born from the need of our Pickens County industry partners to hire technically developed employees.  Pickens County students are introduced to careers for which technical skills are required.  These skills are taught and honed at the Pickens County Career and Technology Center.  Through mentoring, apprenticeships, and work-based learning opportunities, students further develop skills in their chosen technology.  A premium is placed on students learning to solve problems with both their minds and their hands.

Alliance Pickens annually awards the Pickens County Scholar Technician® of the Year to the Pickens County student who best develops her or his skills in their respective chosen technology.  Dedication to skill development, citizenship and grades are all key indicators.

Upon high school graduation, students are prepared to either go straight into the workforce, where they are prized for their knowledge, skills and abilities, or continue their educations at Tri-County Technical College, Clemson University, Southern Wesleyan University, or other schools of higher education.

The Pickens County Scholar Technician® is the student who excels in the classroom Monday through Friday, but also through extracurricular activities and through course of study, learns and develops technical skills required in today’s advanced manufacturing environment.

From Kindergarten through 12th grade in our Pickens County schools, and through grades 13 and 14 at Tri-County Technical College, Pickens County.South Carolina.USA is developing the Scholar Technician®… and Developing a Workforce for you!

Watch the informational video about the Scholar Technician® or contact Alliance Pickens for more information.

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Campbell named Scholar Technician of the Year

Jacob Campbell is the 2019 Pickens County Scholar Technician of the Year.

The award was given as part of the seventh annual Pickens County STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) “Evening of Celebration” at the Pickens County Career and Technology Center to recognize technical high school students.

The annual “Evening of Celebration” is a component of our scholarship technician endeavor. At that event we award the Scholar Technician of the Year, which is the Heisman Trophy for the technically educated Pickens County high school student who has shown a dedication to their skill, a strong work ethic and character and evaluation that is done by the private sector.

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