A diversified industry base continues to flourish in Pickens County.South Carolina.USA. Factors such as the continuous product development of sites, market access for international trade, and attractive incentives packages help meet the needs of relocating or expanding business.



With nearly 50,000 workers in the county’s 45 minute drive time labor draw area, new and existing companies have access to a large and diverse group of potential employees. South Carolina enjoys stable Employer-Employee relations as a right-to-work and employment-at-will state. Businesses looking to expand or relocate to the region will benefit from a quality labor pool backed by an excellent technical training infrastructure.

The labor pool is derived from the Appalachian Council of Government’s 45 minute drive time research. The drive time origin is located at the Pickens County Commerce Park. For a detailed review of the labor draw according to a specific property, please contact Alliance Pickens.


Because of the skill and solid work ethic of its residents, Pickens County’s unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the state. For current information please visit the SC DEW Website.


Pickens County companies also have access to a number of potential employees that currently have jobs, but possess the training, experience and education that qualifies them for a better job.

Labor Force Participation

Labor force participation is the number of individuals applying for jobs or holding a job.

Commuting Patterns

Pickens County companies have the added advantage of attracting skilled employees from across the region.



The affordability of the local workforce across all sectors allows new and expanding businesses in diverse industries to recruit top talent at significant cost savings.

With growing concerns about manufacturing overseas, such as rising labor costs, increased transportation costs, and poor production quality, Pickens County’s affordable and skilled manufacturing workforce makes the area an ideal site for companies considering expansion, relocation or reshoring.

Source:  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages

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